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We are sharing with very heavy hearts that Brink Communications has ceased operations.


The disruptions of the pandemic, the recent economic downturn, and upheavals in the marketing industry have been very difficult for our small business. While we’ve fought hard for our future, we — like so many other small businesses — have been unable to make it through this challenging time in our world.  


Over the past 12 years, we’ve been honored to work with many incredible clients and community partners in our mission to create a more just future we can all share. From supporting access to COVID-19 vaccines and paid family and medical leave, to connecting Oregonians with food, housing, and health care, we have fought the good fight, every step of the way. 


This is not how we wanted our story as a company to end and it is nothing short of heartbreaking for our leadership and team. 


We know that the inspiring individuals who have been part of Brink will continue to do great things. Many of them will be working as independent contractors moving forward, and we are happy to provide referrals to clients or community partners who would like to continue working with them. We are grateful that our company’s legacy will live on in their work. 

In solidarity,

Marian Hammond


marian [at]


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